ModifySynchronization method of the MSISCSITARGET_StorageConfigurationService class

Modifies the synchronization association between two storage objects.

This method is inherited from the CIM_StorageConfigurationService class.


uint32 ModifySynchronization(
  [in]  uint16                      Operation,
  [out] CIM_ConcreteJob Ref         Job,
  [in]  CIM_StorageSynchronized Ref Synchronization


Operation [in]

Specifies the type of modification that is applied to the replica.

The possible values are.

DMTF Reserved


Detach (2)

Detaches the synchronization between two storage objects. Starts to treat the objects as independent.

Fracture (3)

Suspends the synchronization between two storage objects. The implementation records the association to enable a faster re-synchronization.

This operation can be used during a backup cycle to enable one of the objects to be copied while the other object remains in production.

Resync Replica (4)

Re-establishes the synchronization. This operation negates the action of a previous Fracture or Split operation. Re-creates a point-in-time (PIT) image for a Snapshot or a Clone replication. Restarts a Broken or Aborted synchronization relationship.

Restore from Replica (5)

Renews the contents of the original storage object from a replica.

Prepare (6)

Gets the association ready for a Resync Replica operation to take place. Some implementations require performing this operation to keep the Resync operation as fast as possible. Some implementations might start the copy engine.

Unprepare (7)

Clears a prepared state if a Prepare operation is not to be followed by a Resync Replica operation.

Quiesce (8)

Some applications require notification so that they can ready the link for an operation. For example, flush any cached data or buffered changes. The copy engine is stopped for UnSyncAssoc replications.

Unquiesce (9)

Take the link from the quiesced state without executing the intended operation.

Reset To Sync (10)

Change the Mode of the copy operation to Synchronous from the Asynchronous mode.

Reset To Async (11)

Change the Mode of the copy operation to Asynchronous from the Synchronous mode.

Start Copy (12)

Initiates a full background copy of the source to the UnSyncAssoc replica. The replica enters Frozen state when the copy operation is completed.

Stop Copy (13)

Stops the background copy that was previously started.

DMTF Reserved


Vendor Specific


Job [out]

On return, contains a reference to the job, if a job is created and not completed.

Synchronization [in]

Specifies the MSISCSITARGET_StorageSynchronized association to modify.

Return value

This method returns one of the following values.

Job Completed with No Error (0)
Not Supported (1)
Unspecified Error (2)
Timeout (3)
Failed (4)
Invalid Parameter (5)
In Use (6)
DMTF Reserved (7–0x0FFF)
Method Parameters Checked - Job Started (0x1000)
Method Reserved (0x1001–0x7FFF)
Vendor Specific (0x8000–0xFFFF)


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 R2







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