Azure subscription usage information

Azure subscription usage information

Updated: August 23, 2014

The Usage page in the Settings section of the Azure Management Portal displays quick information about core resources that are used by your subscriptions. Usage information is presented graphically and depicts the quantity and percentage of resources currently in use versus the total availability. If you manage multiple subscriptions, use the drop-down list to select one or more subscriptions for which you want to view usage information. Choose Select all for an aggregate view of all subscriptions.

By default, the Usage page displays information about the resources in the following table:

  • Cores:  The number of CPU cores currently in use by your subscriptions.

  • Virtual Machines:  The number of virtual machines that are currently deployed.

  • Cloud Services:  The number of cloud services that are currently deployed.

  • Storage Accounts:  The number of storage accounts in use by your subscriptions.

In future releases of Azure, other providers may also display usage information about their offerings on this page.

If you run low on available resources, you can request more. To request additional resources, go to the Azure Support website and submit a Billing support ticket. To submit a support ticket from the Azure Management Portal, click the email address for your Azure account, and then click Contact Microsoft Support.

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