ImportWorkflowCommand.CreateFunctionFromXaml Method (String, String, Dictionary, String[], String, Dictionary, String, Boolean, String, String)

Namespace: Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands
Assembly: Microsoft.PowerShell.Workflow.ServiceCore (in Microsoft.PowerShell.Workflow.ServiceCore.dll)

Dim name As String
Dim xaml As String
Dim requiredAssemblies As Dictionary(Of String, String)
Dim dependentWorkflows As String()
Dim dependentAssemblyPath As String
Dim parameterValidation As Dictionary(Of String, ParameterAst)
Dim modulePath As String
Dim scriptWorkflow As Boolean
Dim workflowAttributes As String
Dim scriptContent As String
Dim returnValue As String

returnValue = ImportWorkflowCommand.CreateFunctionFromXaml(name, xaml, requiredAssemblies, dependentWorkflows, dependentAssemblyPath, parameterValidation, modulePath, scriptWorkflow, workflowAttributes, scriptContent)

public static string CreateFunctionFromXaml (
	string name,
	string xaml,
	Dictionary<string,string> requiredAssemblies,
	string[] dependentWorkflows,
	string dependentAssemblyPath,
	Dictionary<string,ParameterAst> parameterValidation,
	string modulePath,
	bool scriptWorkflow,
	string workflowAttributes,
	string scriptContent
public static String CreateFunctionFromXaml (
	String name, 
	String xaml, 
	Dictionary<String,String> requiredAssemblies, 
	String[] dependentWorkflows, 
	String dependentAssemblyPath, 
	Dictionary<String,ParameterAst> parameterValidation, 
	String modulePath, 
	boolean scriptWorkflow, 
	String workflowAttributes, 
	String scriptContent
public static function CreateFunctionFromXaml (
	name : String, 
	xaml : String, 
	requiredAssemblies : Dictionary<String,String>, 
	dependentWorkflows : String[], 
	dependentAssemblyPath : String, 
	parameterValidation : Dictionary<String,ParameterAst>, 
	modulePath : String, 
	scriptWorkflow : boolean, 
	workflowAttributes : String, 
	scriptContent : String
) : String

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