Add method of the PS_DhcpServerv6Scope class

Adds an IPv6 scope to the DHCP server with the specified parameters.


uint32 Add(
  [in]  datetime          ValidLifeTime,
  [in]  string            ComputerName,
  [in]  string            Prefix,
  [in]  string            Name,
  [in]  string            Description,
  [in]  string            State,
  [in]  uint16            Preference = 0,
  [in]  datetime          PreferredLifetime,
  [in]  datetime          T1,
  [in]  datetime          T2,
  [in]  boolean           PassThru,
  [out] DhcpServerv6Scope cmdletOutput


ValidLifeTime [in]

The valid life time of the IPv6 address leased by the DHCP server. The default value for the ValidLifeTime is 12 days. The ValidLifeTime value should be equal to or greater than the PreferredLifetime parameter.

ComputerName [in]

DNS name or IP address of the target computer running the DHCP server service.

Prefix [in]

The IPv6 prefix of the scope being added.

Name [in]

Name associated with the scope.

Description [in]

Description associated with scope.

State [in]

The state of the scope. Possible values are Enabled and Disabled

Active ("Active")

InActive ("InActive")

Preference [in]

The value for the preference field to be used by the DHCP server while responding to clients in this subnet.

Range: 0–255

PreferredLifetime [in]

The preferred life time of the IPv6 address leased by the DHCP server. The default value for the preferred lifetime is 8 days. The PreferredLifetime should be less than or equal to the ValidLifeTime parameter.

T1 [in]

Lease renewal time. Default value is 4 days. The T1 value should be less than the T2 and PreferredLifetime parameters.

T2 [in]

Lease rebind time. Default value is 6.4 days. The T2 value should be greater than the T1 parameter and less than the PreferredLifetime parameter.

PassThru [in]

If this parameter is specified, the cmdlet returns the PowerShell object which is added.

cmdletOutput [out]

An embedded instance of the DhcpServerv6Scope class.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012







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