getCandidateWindowClientRect method

Returns a ClientRect object with candidate window coordinate space information (if the Input Method Editor (IME) candidate window is visible).

Note  This method is not supported with IMEs for Internet Explorer for the desktop. It is only supported with IMEs for Internet Explorer in the new Windows UI on Windows 8.1.



var result = MSInputMethodContext.getCandidateWindowClientRect();


result [out, retval]

Type: ClientRect


You can determine if the IME candidate window is visible with the isCandidateWindowVisible method.

When getCandidateWindowClientRect is first called, a new ClientRect object is created and its data members (bottom, top, left, right, width, height) are populated with client coordinate space information. The ClientRect object's data is only populated on-demand (the first call for the first handler of the current event). Multiple calls to this method will return the same ClientRect object.

This method is similar to that of getBoundingClientRect, where client coordinates are in document pixels and have an origin at the upper-left corner of the client area.

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