Receiving a Validate Disk Request

When the server receives a request with an OperationCode equal to RSVD_TUNNEL_VALIDATE_DISK_OPERATION, the request handling proceeds as follows:

If MaxOutputResponse is less than 17 (size of SVHDX_TUNNEL_OPERATION_HEADER + size of SVHDX_TUNNEL_VALIDATE_DISK_RESPONSE), the server MUST fail the request with STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL.

The server MUST issue a validate request to the virtual SCSI disk in an implementation-specific manner.

The server MUST construct an SVHDX_TUNNEL_VALIDATE_DISK_RESPONSE structure, as specified in section, with the following values:

The SVHDX_TUNNEL_OPERATION_HEADER MUST be initialized as follows:

  • OperationCode MUST be set to the OperationCode value of the request.

If the virtual SCSI disk indicates command success, the Status MUST be set to STATUS_SUCCESS; otherwise, it MUST be set to the error code provided by the virtual SCSI disk.

The RequestId field MUST be set to the value received in the request.

The IsValidDisk field MUST be set to TRUE if the virtual SCSI disk indicates that the disk is valid. Otherwise, the server MUST set this field to FALSE.

The response MUST be sent to the client.