Application Requests Opening a Remote Shared Virtual Disk File

To open a remote shared virtual disk file, the application provides the following:

  • The name of the server.

  • The name of the share.

  • Credentials to be used to connect to the server.

  • File name.

  • Extended attributes list.


The client MUST perform the following steps to open the file.

  1. Establish a connection to the application-provided server name as described in section and

  2. Negotiate the protocol as described in section If the negotiated Connection.Dialect is "2.002", "2.100" or "3.000", an implementation-specific error is returned.

  3. Authenticate to the server using the application-provided credentials as described in section

  4. The client MUST search through Session.TreeConnectTable to find a matching tree connection to the application-provided share name. If a tree connection is found and Session.OpenTable has an Open with Open.IsSharedVHDX set to TRUE on the application-provided share name, the client MUST use the existing tree connection. Otherwise the client MUST establish a new tree connect, as described in section and

The client MUST open the file as specified in section, by supplying the above established TreeConnect, Session, application-supplied extended attributes and Create Context.

If any error from the above calls, return the error to the caller.