Server Application Notifies of a Change in the Resource that Owns a Share

This notification is applicable only to servers implementing version 2 (0x00020000). The calling application provides the Witness client name, share name, and resource name. The resource name can be an interface group name, an IP address, or a host name.

The server MUST search for all WitnessRegistrations in the WitnessRegistrationList where WitnessRegistration.WitnessClientName matches the application-provided witness client name, WitnessRegistration.ShareName matches the application-provided share name, and WitnessRegistration.ShareNameNotificationRequired is TRUE.

For each WitnessRegistration matched, the server MUST create or overwrite the share move entry in WitnessRegistration.PendingShareMoveNotification, setting the Notification.Destination to the application-provided resource name.

The server MUST awaken any client requests awaiting notification in section