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Step 4: Configure network mapping: On-premises to on-premises

Updated: February 18, 2015

After you configure cloud protection settings, you can map VM networks on source servers to VM networks on target servers. In order to set up network mapping, do the following:

  1. Learn about network mapping—Read Network mapping and look through the examples to make sure you understand how the network mapping mechanism works.

  2. Prepare networks in VMM—Configure VM networks properly before you start network mapping. For more information, see Step 3: Prepare for network mapping in the Planning guide.

  3. To understand how VM network settings influence how replica virtual machines will be connected failover, read the section “Connection settings after failover” in the Administer and Monitor Azure Site Recovery.

Configure network mapping. We recommend that you configure network mapping before you enable protection so that network mapping can be used during placement of replica virtual machines. If you do it afterwards you might need to migrate some replica virtual machines to more suitable Hyper-V hosts.

  1. On the Quick Start page, click Map networks.

  2. Select the source VMM server from which you want to map networks, and then the target VMM server to which the networks will be mapped. The list of source networks and their associated target networks are displayed. A blank value is shown for networks that are not currently mapped. Click the information icon next to the source and target network names to view the subnets for each network.

  3. Select a network in Network on source, and then click Map. The service detects the VM networks on the target server and displays them.

  4. In the dialog box that is displayed, select one of the VM networks from the target VMM server.

    Target Network
  5. When you select a target network, the protected clouds that use the source network are displayed. Available target networks that are associated with the clouds used for protection are also displayed. We recommend that you select a target network that is available to all the clouds you are using for protection.

  6. Click the check mark to complete the mapping process. A job starts to track the mapping progress. You can view it on the Jobs tab.

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