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You can navigate in Visual Studio 2013 more easily by using the shortcuts in this topic. For more general information, see <PAVEOVER> Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Studio. For information about how to optimize Visual Studio for accessibility, see Accessibility Tips and Tricks.

Drag Off Floating Tab WellsCtrl+click for multi-select
Maximize Floating WindowDouble-click on title bar
Re-dock Floating WindowCtrl+double-click title bar
Close Active DocumentCtrl+F4
Show Open File ListCtrl+Alt+Down
Show All Floating WindowsCtrl+Shift+M
Move/Dock Floating WindowsWin+Left / Win+Right
Maximize/Minimize WindowsWin+Up / Win+Down
Show Jump ListWin+Alt+n
Start New InstanceWin+Shift+n
Switch Between WindowsWin+n
Solution Explorer SearchCtrl+;
Place Focus in Search box in any tool windowAlt+` when the tool window has focus
Quick LaunchCtrl+Q
Quick Launch Scope Results- @opt Options
- @cmd Commands
- @mru Most recently used
- @doc Open documents
Search in Tools OptionsCtrl+E
Quick FindCtrl+F
Quick Find Next ResultEnter
Quick Find Previous ResultShift+Enter
Quick Find Expand Drop DownAlt+Down
Dismiss FindEsc
Quick ReplaceCtrl+H
Quick Replace Replace NextAlt+R
Quick Replace Replace AllAlt+A
Find in FilesCtrl+Shift+F
Replace in FilesCtrl+Shift+H
IntelliSense Suggestion ModeCtrl+Alt+Space (Toggle)
Force Show IntelliSenseCtrl+J
Smart TagsCtrl+.
Snippet PickerCtrl+K,X or ?,Tab (VB)
Surround WithCtrl+K,S
Show Quick InfoCtrl+K,I
Navigate ToCtrl+,
Go To DefinitionF12
Peek DefinitionAlt+F12
Go To Definition StackCtrl+Shift+8 (Back), Ctrl+Shift+7 (Forward)
Navigate Highlighted ReferencesCtrl+Shift+Up (Previous), Ctrl+Shift+Down (Next)
Editor ZoomCtrl+Shift+> (In), Ctrl+Shift+< (Out)
Block SelectionHold Alt and drag mouse, Shift+Alt+Arrow Keys
Move Line Up/DownAlt+Up / Alt+Down
Peek DefinitionAlt+F12
Close the Peek Definition windowEsc
Promote the Peek Definition window to a regular document tabCtrl+Alt+Home
Navigate between multiple Peek Definition windowsCtrl+Alt+- and Ctrl+Alt+=
Navigate between multiple Peek resultsF8 and Shift+F8
Toggle between the code editor window and the Peek Definition windowShift+Esc
Add ButtonsClick toolbar overflow button
Find Combo in Standard toolbarCtrl+D
Find Textbox Command ModeType “>”
Create new alias>alias NewAlias Command
Start DebuggingF5
Stop DebuggingShift+F5
Restart DebuggingCtrl+Shift+F5
Step OverF10
Step IntoF11
Step OutShift+F11
Run To CursorCtrl+F10
Set Next StatementCtrl+Shift+F10
Set and Toggle BreakpointF9
Disable BreakpointCtrl+F9
Immediate WindowCtrl+Alt+I
Immediate Window Command ModeType “>”
Immediate Window Clear Buffer>cls
Immediate Window Print Value?varname

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