Customize the Sample Virtual Device (Compact 2013)


The sample virtual hard disk (VHD) and virtual floppy disk (VFD) that ship with Compact 2013 contain a minimal boot loader that defines the virtual hardware settings and instructs the virtual device to connect to the network and download the run-time image from Platform Builder.

You can customize the sample VHD and VFD to change the underlying virtual hardware definitions and change the boot source. You can even change the virtual disks completely.

Change settings through the boot configuration menu

Describes the options available through the boot configuration menu and explains how to use this menu to modify the settings for the sample VHD or VFD.

Modify the virtual disk files or create your own

Provides a brief discussion about how to edit the sample virtual disks so you can use your own boot loader file.

Troubleshoot customized virtual disks

Discusses common problems you might face when changing the sample virtual disk and suggests solutions.

For best results, always make a copy of the hd0_sample.vhd or hd0_sample.vfd files. Do not modify the original files.