TranslatorControl.LanguageFrom Property


This property specifies the language of the text to translate from as a two-letter language code. When the Translator Service receives a text, it will translate from this language to the language specified in the LanguageTo property. If LanguageFrom is not specified, Microsoft Translator will auto-detect the language to translate from.

To get the list of languages, use the TranslatorLibrary.GetLanguagesAsync() Method

Published date: October 21, 2013

public string LanguageFrom { get; set }
<Translator:TranslatorControl LanguageFrom="es" .../>

Type: System.String

The two-letter language code of the specified language.

If the origin of the text to translate is unknown, you may want leave the LanguageFrom property unspecified, in order to have Translator detect the language automatically.


Minimum Supported Client

Windows 8.1

Required Extensions

Bing Translator Control