Bing.Translator Namespace


The Bing.Translator Namespace contains all the classes that pertain to The Bing Translator Control. This control allows the end user to translate text from one language to another. The control takes the text you pass in to the Bing Translator web service for translation, and then passes the translation of the input back to you. To develop in this namespace, you must install and subscribe to the control as described in Bing Translator Requirements.

For more information, see The Bing Translator Control.

Published date: October 21, 2013

Assemblies: Bing.Translator.winmd, Bing.Controls.AuthenticationAccessToken.winmd




TranslatorControl Class

The class that represents the Translator XAML control.

TranslationResult Class

Contains the contents of the response returned by the Translator Service.

GetLanguagesResult Class

Contains an array of language IDs the Translator Control can translate from or to.