TranslatorLibrary.TranslateAsync(string, string, string, string) Method


The TranslateAsync(string, string, string, string) method translates a text from one language to another language.

Published date: October 21, 2013

public IAsyncAction TranslateAsync(string languageFrom, string languageTo, string category, string textToTranslate)


Type: System.String  

Optional. A string representing the language code of the translation text. If left empty the response will include the result of language auto-detection.


Type: System.String  

Required. A string representing the language code to translate the text into.


Type: System.String  

Optional. A string containing the category (domain) of the translation. Defaults to "general".


Type: System.String  

Required. A string representing the text to translate. The size of the text must not exceed 10000 characters.

Type: Bing.Translator.TranslationResult

The translated text and the Result Code.

If you previously used the AddTranslation or AddTranslationArray methods through the public Translator API to enter a translation with a rating of 5 or higher for the same source sentence, Translate returns only the top choice that is available to your system. The "same source sentence" means the exact same (100% matching), except for capitalization, white space, tag values, and punctuation at the end of a sentence. If no rating is stored with a rating of 5 or above, then the returned result will be the automatic translation by Microsoft Translator.


The following example retrieves the languages codes that the TranslatorControl can translate form and to.

var result = await this.Translator2.TranslatorApi.TranslateAsync("en", "es", "", "Translate this text.");


The following example translates the specified text from the default language into Spanish, and writes the result to a UI element.

// Initialize a TranslatorLibrary instance.
var translatorApi = Bing.Translator.TranslatorLibrary("CLIENTID", "CLIENTSECRET");   

// Get the translated text and write it to a UI element with an ID of 'translation'.
translatorApi.translateAsync("", "es", "", 
    "This is a Bing Translator Control JavaScript sample").then(function (result) {
    document.getElementById('translation').innerText = result.textTranslated;


Minimum Supported Client

Windows 8.1

Required Extensions

Bing Translator Control