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task_options Class (Concurrency Runtime)
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task_options Class (Concurrency Runtime)

Represents the allowed options for creating a task

class task_options;



task_options::task_options Constructor (Concurrency Runtime)

Overloaded. Default list of task creation options



task_options::get_cancellation_token Method (Concurrency Runtime)

Returns the cancellation token

task_options::get_continuation_context Method (Concurrency Runtime)

Returns the continuation context

task_options::get_scheduler Method (Concurrency Runtime)

Returns the scheduler

task_options::has_cancellation_token Method (Concurrency Runtime)

Indicates whether a cancellation token was specified by the user

task_options::has_scheduler Method (Concurrency Runtime)

Indicates whether a scheduler n was specified by the user

task_options::set_cancellation_token Method (Concurrency Runtime)

Sets the given token in the options

task_options::set_continuation_context Method (Concurrency Runtime)

Sets the given continuation context in the options

Header: ppltasks.h

Namespace: concurrency

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