Step 1: Create a Service Bus Namespace


In this step, you create a Windows Azure Service Bus namespace. You will use this namespace to host a relay endpoint for receiving opportunity notifications from Salesforce. Later in the process of creating this solution, you will use this relay endpoint to receive the notification message into a BizTalk Server system.

To create a Service Bus namespace

  1. Log on to using your Microsoft account.

  2. At the bottom of the page, click New, App Services, Service Bus Relay, and then Quick Create.

  3. Enter the namespace as BtsSalesforce and select a region closest to your current geographical location. Click Create a Relay.


    This namespace must be globally unique. So, you must use a namespace other than one mentioned in this tutorial.


    Note that the relay is not created as part of the operation, only the namespace is. The relay endpoint is created later in this tutorial when we configure a receive location for the SB-Messaging adapter.

  4. After the namespace is created, the status is set to Active. Once the status is active, you can select the namespace and click Access Key at the bottom of the page to get details on how to connect to the BtsSalesforce namespace, including the values for Default User and Default Key. You will need these details later in the tutorial.

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