Select Lockdown Features (Industry 8)


Review the lockdown features available on your Windows Embedded 8 Industry (Industry 8) device when using Industry Setup.

Windows Embedded 8 Industry (Industry 8) supports multiple ways of locking down or protecting your device by controlling the ways in which a user can interact with the device.

Tap or click the Select Lockdown Features tile to access the Industry 8 Device Lockdown options bar.

When you enable a filter or other device lockdown option, default settings for that option or filter are applied to your device. Default filter options can be changed by enabling audit mode and then making the required changes to the device. For more information on the default settings for each lockdown filter, click the filter name in the following list:

Audit Mode

Enable audit mode to start your device into audit mode after initial setup is complete. Audit mode allows you to complete any installations and make required changes to your device before selected lockdown options are applied.

Select Unified Write Filter

Enable Unified Write Filter (UWF) to protect your device’s storage media and return your device to the same state each time it is restarted.

By default, UWF protects the Windows partition only.

Select Keyboard Filter

Enable Keyboard Filter to suppress undesirable keystrokes or key combinations on your device. Keyboard Filter works with both physical keyboards and the standard Windows on-screen keyboard and can detect dynamic layout changes and continue to suppress keys correctly, even if the location of the suppressed key has changed on the keyboard layout.

By default, Keyboard Filter blocks security keys (for example, Ctrl+Alt+Delete), application keys (for example, Alt+F4) and shell keys (for example, Windows logo key+C).

Select Gesture Filter

Enable Gesture Filter to disable the new edge gestures available in Windows 8. Each edge gesture can be blocked individually.

By default, Gesture Filter blocks all edge gestures.