Build an Industry Device with Industry Setup (Industry 8)


Learn how to begin setting up your Windows Embedded 8 Industry (Industry 8) device using Industry Setup.

To improve the speed and ease of creating devices, Windows Embedded 8 Industry (Industry 8) comes with a UI-based setup designed to greatly simplify access to the most commonly used settings needed to create a bootable device.

Industry 8 Setup is organized into three main tiles based on what the actions to be performed affect. You can accept the default settings.

  1. On your device, insert the Industry 8 DVD that corresponds to your device architecture and restart the device to run Industry 8.
    You must boot from the Setup DVD to run Industry 8 Setup. Setup will fail with an error if you attempt to run it from a Windows operating system.
  2. For each setting you wish to change, tap or click the appropriate area tile, then tap or click the tile controlling the setting before changing the setting.
  3. When you are done changing settings, tap or click the Build my device area tile, enter the required information and click Build to build your device.

The only required settings are included under the Build my device tile. You may choose to accept the default settings for the other Setup areas.

The following contain a brief summary of the main Setup area tiles and their contents. Click on the name of the setting tile to read additional information about the settings and options available in that part of Setup.

Set Up My Device

Set System Language and Input Method

Tap or click this tile to set the default system language, time and currency locale and keyboard or input method for your device.

Set Disk Configuration

Tap or click this tile to partition your hard disk drive (HDD) or flash-based Solid State Drive (SSD).

Lock Down My Device

Select Lockdown Features

Tap or click this tile to enable starting in audit mode, Unified Write Filter (UWF), Gesture Filter or Keyboard Filter.

Build My Device

Build Device

Tap or click this tile to enter your product key, if required.

Review and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms. Only the license terms applicable to the version of Industry 8 Setup you are running will be displayed for your review.

Build your device by tapping or clicking the Build button.