Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.Controls Component

Kinect for Windows 1.7, 1.8

Toolkit controls for easy reuse within your WPF application to provide Kinect interactions.

Can be included in your solution as a source code project, via installing this project; or you can add a reference to this assembly installed to %KINECT_TOOLKIT_DIR%\Assemblies.


This component contains the WPF controls for Kinect interactions. Kinect interactions are gesture-based interactions designed for hands-free control of applications and other forms of interactivity. For an overview for Kinect interactions, see KinectInteraction. For details on the available KinectInteraction Controls, see KinectInteraction Controls.

To Use the Component

  1. Add a reference to the project from your own application and insert classes as appropriate.
  2. For an example, see the Controls Basics WPF-C# Sample.

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