Using Microsoft Translator Hub with CAT Tools

Automatic translation makes the most sense when it is available where you need it, right within the workflow of your tool, application or solution. The leading CAT (computer aided translation) tools and translation workflow managers provide plug-ins, or natively support Microsoft Translator, so that translators, language professionals and language service providers have easy access to automatic translation. Microsoft Translator helps with a translation suggestion or with a directly usable collection of phrases, and is enhancing the productivity of the individual language professional. Microsoft Translator is in easy reach, right within the workflow of translators, when using one of the CAT tools listed on our partner’s page.

CAT Tools

There are three different levels of Translator integration into the CAT tool: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. A brief description for each of these levels is provided below. For details, please visit here

  • Bronze: Tool provides translations by Microsoft Translator.
  • Silver: Tool provides translations by Microsoft Translator, and the use of a translation system customized via Microsoft Translator Hub.
  • Gold: Tool provides translations by Microsoft Translator, the use of a translation system customized via Microsoft Translator Hub, and use of the collaborative functionality of the Translator API.

Microsoft Translator Hub and Category ID

Microsoft Translator Hub empowers businesses and communities to build, improve, and deploy customized automatic language translation systems. Microsoft Translator Hub is an extension of the Microsoft Translator service, and you can use it together with the CAT Tools listed under Gold and Silver Partners here.

The workflow of using Microsoft Translator Hub with these CAT tools involves the following manual steps:

  • Export your TM (translation memory) from your CAT tool in TMX format.
  • Upload the TMX/XLIFF file to Microsoft Translator Hub.
  • Select the TMX/XLIFF file in your training data set.
  • Start training (Training is automatic).
  • Review the results by BLEU scores or by human evaluation.
  • Deploy your system if you are satisfied with the results. When the system has been deployed, you will receive an email from
  • From the Projects list, select the Project for which the translation system has been deployed. Select the translation system with a status of "Deployed".
  • Go to the Request Deployment page to obtain the category ID for your customized system (See the figure below). Note that the category ID cannot be obtained until the system is deployed.
  • Enter the category ID in your CAT tool to use your customized system.
  • Translate your files with your CAT tool.

Microsoft Translator Hub Category ID