PassportIdentity Properties

  Name Description
Public property AuthenticationType
Gets the type of authentication used to identify the user.
Public property Error
Gets a value indicating the error state associated with the current Passport ticket.
Public property GetFromNetworkServer
Gets information on a Passport server connection and query string.
Public property HasSavedPassword
Gets information on whether the Passport member's password was saved.
Public property HasTicket
Gets a value indicating whether the query string includes a Passport ticket as a cookie.
Public property HexPUID
Gets the Passport Unique Identifier (PUID) for the currently authenticated user, in hexadecimal form.
Public property IsAuthenticated
Gets a value indicating whether the user is authenticated against a Passport authority.
Public property Item
Gets Passport profile attributes.
Public property Name
Gets the name of the current user.
Public property TicketAge
Gets the time, in seconds, since the last ticket was issued or refreshed.
Public property TimeSinceSignIn
Gets the time, in seconds, since a member's logon to the Passport logon server.

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