DirPartyListPageView::updateQuery Method [AX 2012]

Creates the query for the GlobalAddressBookListPage and DirPartyLookup forms.

client server public static Query updateQuery(
    Query _formQuery, 
    DirPartyRoleView _dirPartyRoleView, 
   [dirPartyLookupEntitiesFilter _dirPartyLookupEntitiesFilter])

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Type: Query Class
The query of the form.
Type: DirPartyRoleView Enumeration
An enumeration that determines which role of the dirParty table can be selected in the query.
Type: dirPartyLookupEntitiesFilter Class
An object of the DirPartyLookupEntitiesFilter class.

Return Value

Type: Query Class
The query object that contains query according to the specified argument.