How to: Use Bookmarks with Brief Emulation

The Bookmarks window remains available when you place the Editor in Brief emulation mode by selecting the Brief keyboard mapping scheme. You can still bookmark lines in your files, organize bookmarks into virtual folders, and navigate to these locations by double-clicking bookmark entries. Ten bookmarks are available while working in the Brief editor, and they can be relocated in your files as needed. Procedures for placing the Editor in Brief emulation mode and for using Brief bookmarks appear below.

To place the Editor in Brief Emulation

  1. On the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. Expand the Environment folder and choose Keyboard.

  3. In the Apply the following additional keyboard mapping scheme, select Brief.

  4. In the Options dialog box, expand Text Editor and then click General.

  5. Select Include insertion point movements in Undo list.

  6. Click OK to place the Editor in Brief Emulation mode.

Once you have enabled Brief Emulation mode, you can add Brief bookmarks to your code.

To add a Brief bookmark

  1. Open a file for editing, and click on the desired line in the editor.

  2. To create a Brief bookmark, press the keyboard shortcut for one of the ten BriefBookmark commands, Edit.BriefBookmarkDrop0 (ALT + 0) through Edit.BriefBookmarkDrop9 (ALT +).

    A bookmark token appears in the Indicator margin of the Code Editor next to the selected line.

  3. On the View menu, select Bookmark Window.

    The list of bookmark entries includes the new "Brief BookmarkN" in the active document (where N is an integer 0 through 9).

To rename, move, or delete a Brief bookmarks

  • To rename a Brief bookmark, select its name in the Bookmarks window and type a new name.


    It can be helpful to retain the Brief bookmark number as part of the name.

  • To change the location of an existing Brief bookmark, select another line in the Editor, and then press the keyboard shortcut for the existing bookmark's number.

    The former bookmark is deleted, and a new Brief bookmark using the same number is created to mark the new location.

  • To delete a Brief bookmark, either change its location (see previous step)


    Select its entry in the Bookmarks window and press the Delete button.

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