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SET HELP Command
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SET HELP Command

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Enables or disables Microsoft Visual FoxPro online Help or specifies a Help file.



SET HELP [TO [FileName]] [COLLECTION [cCollectionURL]] [SYSTEM]


(Default) Displays the Help window when you press F1 or issue HELP in the Command window.
Makes Visual FoxPro online Help unavailable.
TO [FileName]
Specifies a Help file that is displayed when you press F1 or issue HELP. You can specify a .Dbf-style Help file, a Winhelp (.Hlp) file, or an HTML (.Chm) help file.

In this version of Visual FoxPro, if you issue SET HELP TO without including a file name, Visual FoxPro looks for the default help file, foxhelp.chm.

Specifies the name of an HTML Help collection to be used as Help source.
Specifies that a collection name is used as the Help source.


Use SET HELP to provide a tailored online Help file within a custom application or to switch between the different Help files in Visual FoxPro. For more information, see Creating Help Files.

If you perform a complete installation of the MSDN (Microsoft Developer's Network) library, or you perform a custom installation of the MSDN library and you specify to install the Visual FoxPro documentation, the Visual FoxPro Help file, Foxhelp.chm, is installed. The Foxhelp.chm file is installed by default with the Visual FoxPro product.

The following table describes the registry values for Help settings:

Setting Registry key Registry value
SET HELP ON | OFF HelpOn 0 or 1
SET HELP TO cfilename HelpTo cFileName
SET HELP COLLECTION cCollectionURL HelpCollection cCollectionURL
SET HELP SYSTEM HelpSystem 0 or 1

You can also use the Help File option on the File Locations tab of the Options dialog box to interactively specify a Help file.

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