/PDBALTPATH (Use Alternate PDB Path)


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The path and file name for the .pdb file.

Use this option to provide an alternate location for the Program Database (.pdb) file in a compiled binary file. Normally, the linker records the location of the .pdb file in the binaries that it produces. You can use this option to provide a different path and file name for the .pdb file. The information provided with /PDBALTPATH does not change the location or name of the actual .pdb file; it changes the information that the linker writes in the binary file. This enables you to provide a path that is independent of the file structure of the build computer. Two common uses for this option are to provide a network path or a file that has no path information.

The value of pdb_file_name can be an arbitrary string, an environment variable, or %_PDB%. The linker will expand an environment variable, such as %SystemRoot%, to its value. The linker defines the environment variables %_PDB% and %_EXT%. %_PDB% expands to the file name of the actual .pdb file without any path information and %_EXT% is the extension of the generated executable.