This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.ServiceModel.XamlIntegration Namespace

Provides utility classes to enable the serialization of entities to XAML.

Public classEndpointIdentityConverterConverts an EndpointIdentity instance to the specified type.
Public classServiceXNameTypeConverterA WCF-specific implementation of a XName type converter that does not require XName instances to specify a namespace.
Public classSpnEndpointIdentityExtensionA XAML markup extension for the SpnEndpointIdentity class.
Public classUpnEndpointIdentityExtensionA XAML markup extension for the UpnEndpointIdentity class.
Public classXPathMessageContextMarkupExtensionProvides an extension of the XPathMessageContext to contain namespaces when serializing XPath message queries into XAML.
Public classXPathMessageContextTypeConverterProvides a way to convert an XPathMessageContext to a format that can be serialized as XAML.