This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Runtime.Caching Namespace

The System.Runtime.Caching namespace contains types that let you implement caching in NET Framework applications.

The output caching functionality and types in the System.Runtime.Caching namespace are new in .NET Framework version 4. The classes in this namespace provide a way to use caching facilities like those in ASP.NET, but without a dependency on the System.Web assembly.

The caching types that are provided in this namespace offers the following features:

  • Caching is accessible to all .NET Framework applications, not just ASP.NET.

  • Caching is extensible.

  • You can create custom caching providers. For example, instead of using the default in-memory cache engine, you can create custom providers that store cache data in databases, in custom objects, or in the file system.

Public classCacheEntryChangeMonitorProvides a base class that represents a ChangeMonitor type that can be implemented in order to monitor changes to cache entries.
Public classCacheEntryRemovedArgumentsProvides information about a cache entry that was removed from the cache.
Public classCacheEntryUpdateArgumentsProvides information about a cache entry that will be removed from the cache.
Public classCacheItemRepresents an individual cache entry in the cache.
Public classCacheItemPolicyRepresents a set of eviction and expiration details for a specific cache entry.
Public classChangeMonitorProvides a base class for a derived custom type that monitors changes in the state of the data which a cache item depends on.
Public classFileChangeMonitorRepresents an object that monitors changes to files.
Public classHostFileChangeMonitorMonitors directories and file paths and notifies the cache of changes to the monitored items. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMemoryCacheRepresents the type that implements an in-memory cache.
Public classObjectCacheRepresents an object cache and provides the base methods and properties for accessing the object cache.
Public classSqlChangeMonitorProvides change monitoring for SQL Server databases. This class cannot be inherited.

Public delegateCacheEntryRemovedCallbackDefines a reference to a method that is called after a cache entry is removed from the cache.
Public delegateCacheEntryUpdateCallbackDefines a reference to a method that is invoked when a cache entry is about to be removed from the cache.
Public delegateOnChangedCallbackDefines a reference to a method that handles changes to monitored items.

Public enumerationCacheEntryRemovedReasonSpecifies the reason why a cache entry was removed or an entry is about to be removed.
Public enumerationCacheItemPrioritySpecifies a priority setting that is used to decide whether to evict a cache entry.
Public enumerationDefaultCacheCapabilitiesRepresents a set of features that a cache implementation provides.