How to Optimize Your MSDN Library Search

To search MSDN, enter a keyword or character string in the Search MSDN with Bing box. After you search the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) website, you can narrow your search results by clicking the options available in the Refine search column under By Source or By Topic. These options become available after your first search attempt.

Dd979758.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo return only topics in the Windows Development section of MSDN Library

  1. In the By Topic list, click Win32 & COM. An additional list called Current Refinements appears. The Current Refinements line has Win32 & COM in it.
  2. In the By Source list, click Documentation & Articles. The Current Refinements list now includes Documentation & Articles.

As you search, additional filters may become available, for example, Windows Security, Windows Graphics and Multimedia, or Windows Messaging and Collaboration.

Dd979758.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo search only topics in the Security SDK

  • In the By Topic list, click Windows Security. The Current Refinements list now includes Windows Security.

When you type a search string, suggestions automatically appear below the search box. To search for SDK content, look for api or windows in the suggestions.

When you click a topic in the search results, you can quickly determine whether the topic provides SDK content by viewing the navigation path that appears at the top of the topic. For example, a search for cryptography generates suggestions that include cryptography api. Clicking the suggestion cryptography api, generates a search results pane that includes Cryptography Functions (Windows). Clicking Cryptography Functions (Windows), brings you to a topic that contains the following navigation path across the top of the topic:

MSDN > MSDN Library > Windows Development > Security > Cryptography > Cryptography Reference > Cryptography Functions >

All Security SDK content contains this portion of that navigation path:

MSDN > MSDN Library > Windows Development > Security >

Dd979758.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo remove search results filters from your MSDN search

  • In the Current Refinements list, click the (x) that follows the search filter you want to remove. For example, to remove Documentation & Articles from Current Refinements, click the (x) that follows Documentation & Articles. You can also click Remove All to remove all filters from your MSDN search.

Suggested Keywords

Here are some common keywords to use when you search Security SDK content:

  • digital signature software
  • encryption api
  • encryption security software
  • fingerprint reader software
  • malicious attack
  • microsoft genuine test
  • security descriptor
  • smart card api
  • win32 logonuser
  • windows digital signature
  • windows password filter dll



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