5.32 DelSubRef

 procedure DelSubRef(childNC: DSName) 

Informative summary of behavior: This procedure deletes a sub-ref object for the NC childNC, if it exists.

 parentNC: DSName
 rt: ULONG
 /* If the sub-ref object is not instantiated, delete it */
 if(IT_UNINSTANT in childNC!instanceType)
    rt:=RemoveObj(childNC, false)
    /* Ignore rt because there are no possible errors returned by RemoveObj 
    while deleting a subref object. RemoveObj always returns success in this
    procedure */
    /* Otherwise, just prevent continuation referrals from being
    * generated by removing childNC from the parent's subRefs list.
    parentNC := GetObjectNC(ChildNC)
    parentNC!subRefs := parentNC!subRefs – {childNC}