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The ErrorCodeTypes simple type is used to represent the error codes in a subresponse. ErrorCodeTypes is the type definition of the ErrorCode attribute, which is part of a cell storage service subresponse operation. ErrorCodeTypes is a union of simple types, namely GenericErrorCodeTypes, CellRequestErrorCodeTypes, DependencyCheckRelatedErrorCodeTypes, LockAndCoauthRelatedErrorCodeTypes and NewEditorsTableCategoryErrorCodeTypes.

<xs:simpleType name="ErrorCodeTypes">
 <xs:union memberTypes="tns:GenericErrorCodeTypes tns:CellRequestErrorCodeTypes tns:DependencyCheckRelatedErrorCodeTypes tns:LockAndCoauthRelatedErrorCodeTypes tns:NewEditorsTableCategoryErrorCodeTypes"/>

GenericErrorCodeTypes is defined in section CellRequestErrorCodeTypes is defined in section DependencyCheckRelatedErrorCodeTypes is defined in section LockAndCoauthRelatedErrorCodeTypes is defined in section NewEditorsTableCategoryErrorCodeTypes is defined in section

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