The CellSubRequestType complex type contains information about a cell subrequest. The SubRequestType definition from which CellSubRequestType is extended is defined in section

 <xs:complexType name="CellSubRequestType">
     <xs:extension base="tns:SubRequestType">
        <xs:sequence minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">
          <xs:element name="SubRequestData" type="tns:CellSubRequestDataType" />
      <xs:attribute name="Type" type="tns:SubRequestAttributeType" use="required" fixed="Cell" />

SubRequestData: A CellSubRequestDataType that specifies the data or input parameters needed in processing the cell subrequest. If no SubRequestData element is specified in the cell subrequest, the protocol server MUST process this as a no-operation instruction. CellSubRequestDataType is defined in section

Type: A SubRequestAttributeType that specifies the type of subrequest. The Type attribute MUST be set to "Cell" for a cell subrequest. SubRequestAttributeType is defined in section