1.3.3 Formatting


The formatting of characters, paragraphs, sections, tables, and pictures is specified as a set of differences in formatting from the default formatting for these objects. Modifications to individual properties are expressed using a Prl. A Prl is a Single Property Modifier, or Sprm, and an operand that specifies the new value for the property. Each property has (at least) one unique Sprm that modifies it. For example, sprmCFBold modifies the bold formatting of text, and sprmPDxaLeft modifies the logical left indent of a paragraph.

The final set of properties for text, paragraphs, and tables comes from a hierarchy of styles and from Prl elements applied directly (for example, by the user selecting some text and clicking the Bold button in the user interface). Styles allow complex sets of properties to be specified in a compact way. They also allow the user to change the appearance of a document without visiting every place in the document where a change is necessary. The style sheet for a document is specified by a STSH, as defined in section 2.9.271.

See section for the algorithm that determines the complete set of formatting for a character, paragraph, table, or picture.

See section 2.8.26 for the structure used to determine the boundaries of sections and the location of their properties.

See section 2.6 for the complete list of Sprms.