2.7.7 Encryption


When a revision store file is transmitted by using the File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP Protocol, a revision store file object space encryption data (see section 2.5.19) is transmitted as an object specified by a pair of Object Declaration ([MS-FSSHTTPB] section and Object Data ([MS-FSSHTTPB] section structures:

Object Declaration.PartitionID

Object Data.Data

Object Data.Object extended GUID array

Object Data.Cell ID array

1 (Object Data)

MUST be encryption data



Every transmitted base revision of a revision store MUST contain an object group (see section 2.7.5) with this object. The object MUST be the only one in the object group, and the value of the object group identifier MUST be set to the revision identifier XOR "{{ FE4F06F- BB18,-4F79-B3D6-BC157D533D23 }, 0x00000000 }".

The value of the object identifier MUST be the set to the value of the revision identifier XOR "{{ 06357FE8-CBC7-4DD1-AA81-09BC1695B19B }, 0x00000000 }".