1.5 Applicability Statement


This document specifies a persistence format for presentation content and templates, which can include slides, drawing objects, text, images, transitions, and animations. This persistence format is applicable when the primary presentation format for the contained information is electronic.

This persistence format is applicable for use as a stand-alone document, and for containment within other documents as an embedded object as described in [MS-OLEDS].

This persistence format provides interoperability with applications that create or read documents conforming to this structure, including Microsoft PowerPoint 97, Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, Microsoft PowerPoint 2002, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. This persistence format can also be used for interoperability with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 when compatibility with PowerPoint 97, PowerPoint 2000, PowerPoint 2002, and Office PowerPoint 2003 is a primary concern.