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1.3 Structure Overview (Synopsis)

The structures specified in this format provide an extended XML vocabulary for the DrawingML file format structure. The extended elements and attributes enable the format to indicate further information about a document, or content and formatting of parts of the document beyond the elements and attributes of the Office Open XML File Formats as described in [ISO/IEC29500:2012]. Because these elements and attributes are meant as extensions, their intent and usage varies.

The extensions specified in this format are integrated into Office Open XML file formats by means of the Markup Compatibility and Extensibility features described in [ISO/IEC29500-3:2012]. Specifically, the Ignorable attribute, the AlternateContent element, and application-defined extension elements maintain compatibility with Office Open XML File Formats implementations when integrating the extensions from this format. Using these extensions as specified in this document results in Office Open XML file formats conformance.

The following sections provide an overview of the functionality supported by these extensions.

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