2.5.10 Add a Contact


This use case, illustrated in the following diagram, describes how a user adds a contact.

Steps for Add adding a contact

Figure 9: Steps for adding a contact



  • The protocol clients are signed in, as described in section 2.5.5.


  1. When a user (Client A) adds another user (Client B) to his or her contact list by entering the contact’s SIP address, the user’s protocol client (Client A) sends a service (SIP SERVICE) request to the protocol server, as described in [MS-PRES].

  2. The protocol server adds the user (Client B) to the contact list and sends an acceptance of the same request (SIP 200 OK), as described in [MS-PRES].

  3. The protocol server sends a subscriber list change notification to Client B, as described in [MS-PRES].

  4. The protocol server sends the contact’s presence information to Client A by using the NOTIFY/BENOTIFY mechanism, as described in [MS-PRES].

Step 3 and Step 4 can occur in different order.


  • The contact is added to the user’s contact list.