2.5.8 Expand a Distribution List


This use case, illustrated in the following diagram, describes the expansion of a distribution list when a user selects a distribution list from the contact list and clicks + to expand the list.

Steps for Expanding expanding a distribution list

Figure 7: Steps for expanding a distribution list



  • The protocol client is signed in, as described in section 2.5.5. The URL of the Distribution Group Expansion service is obtained by the protocol client during client bootstrap.


  1. The protocol client sends an HTTPS-SOAP request to the protocol server, as described in [MS-DLX].

  2. The protocol server returns a distribution group, as described in [MS-DLX], in an HTTPS-SOAP response. The response includes data for each member of the distribution group, such as the SIP URI, e-mail address, mail nickname, and display name.


  • The distribution list is expanded and a presence-polling request is initiated to all members of that list. The user can then optionally initiate communication to the list.