1.3.1 File Structure


A revision store file is divided into the structures in the following diagram.

File structure

Figure 1: File structure

The header (section 2.3.1) is the first 1024 bytes of the file. It contains references to the other structures in the file as well as metadata about the file.

The free chunk list (section 2.3.2) defines where there are free spaces in the file where data can be written.

The transaction log (section 2.3.3) stores the state and length of each file node list (section 2.4) in the file.

The hashed chunk list (section 2.3.4) stores read-only objects in the file that can be referenced by multiple revisions (section 2.1.8).

The root file node list (section 2.1.14) is the file node list that is the root of the tree of all file node lists in the file.

All of the file node lists that contain user data.