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2.2.26 jcidTableNode


Target namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/onenote/2009/internal/specific

Referenced by: ContentChildNodesOfOutlineElement

The jcidTableNode structure specifies the properties of a table. The value of the JCID element, as specified in [MS-ONESTORE], for this property set is "0x00060022".

Child Elements:

LastModifiedTime: A LastModifiedTime element (section 2.3.67) that specifies when the table was last changed.

ElementChildNodes: An ElementChildNodesOfTable element (section 2.2.53) that specifies the child nodes of the table.

RowCount: A RowCount element (section 2.3.63) that specifies the number of rows in the table.

ColumnCount: A ColumnCount element (section 2.3.64) that specifies the number of columns in the table.

TableColumnsLocked: A TableColumnsLocked element (section 2.2.70) that specifies which columns in the table have a locked width.

TableColumnWidths: A TableColumnWidths element (section 2.2.66) that specifies the width of each column in the table.

TableBordersVisible: A TableBordersVisible element (section 2.3.65) that specifies whether to display borders in the table.

IsConflictObjectForRender: An IsConflictObjectForRender element (section 2.3.70) that specifies whether the table is displayed as a conflict object (section 2.1.1).

LayoutAlignmentInParent: A LayoutAlignmentInParent element that specifies the alignment of the table.

LayoutAlignmentSelf: A LayoutAlignmentSelf element that specifies the alignment of the table and its cells.

NoteTagStates: A NoteTagStates element that specifies the note tags set on the table.

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