Async or Identity-disseminated Delta Received


The dependencies on the delta MUST be checked. If the sequence number of the delta sub-sequence is not "0000" then there is an implicit dependency on the previously created delta from the same endpoint. Its sequence would be the first 24 characters of the sub-sequence. The explicit dependencies are the comma-separated fields in the DepSeq attribute. If any of the dependencies are not in the delta log, the new delta MUST NOT be ordered and executed. Instead it SHOULD be kept and reprocessed if the missing dependencies are added to the delta log.

Ordering of asynchronous and identity-disseminated deltas is similar to ordering normal deltas. Asynchronous and identity-disseminated deltas MUST NOT have an assimilation priority, so these deltas do not play a role in the ordering of deltas into blocks. Async and identity-disseminated deltas MUST be assigned to the highest block in which they have a dependency. Within that block the ordering and execution proceeds as described in section