12 J


JavaScript Object Notation (JSON): A text-based, data interchange format that is used to transmit structured data, typically in Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (AJAX) web applications, as described in [RFC4627]. The JSON format is based on the structure of ECMAScript (Jscript, JavaScript) objects.

jitter: A variation in a network delay that is perceived by the receiver of each packet.

job: (1) An inbound or outbound fax transmission that is awaiting transmission in the Fax Queue; the Fax Jobs are qualified as inbound or outbound based on this. The Fax Jobs are further qualified as follows: queued qualifies a Fax Job as awaiting transmission, and active qualifies a Fax Job as in process of being sent or received by the fax server.

(2) An object identifying an administrative action (for example, running a program) to be performed on specified triggers and conditions (for example, every day at a specific time). Synonym for Task.

join: A combination of data from multiple sources that is based upon a common attribute or join condition.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG): A raster graphics file format for displaying high-resolution color graphics. JPEG graphics apply a user-specified compression scheme that can significantly reduce the file sizes of photo-realistic color graphics. A higher level of compression results in lower quality, whereas a lower level of compression results in higher quality. JPEG-format files have a .jpg or .jpeg file name extension.

justify distributed: A special, distributed-alignment setting that evenly distributes the last line of text in a cell. The setting is primarily used for East Asian languages. See also distributed alignment.