Normal Delta Received


The dependencies on the delta MUST be checked. If the last four characters of the delta sequence are not "0001", there is an implicit dependency on the previously created delta from the same endpoint. The previously created delta would have the same endpoint UID and creator identifier. The sequence number of the previously created delta would be one less than the sequence number of this delta. The explicit dependencies are the comma-separated fields in the DepSeq attribute. If any of the dependencies are not in the delta log, the new delta MUST NOT be ordered and executed. Instead it SHOULD be kept and reprocessed if the missing dependencies are added to the delta log.

When a delta is received it MUST be ordered in the delta log. The remainder of this section specifies how the new deltas and all deltas in the delta log MUST be ordered. Implementations are not required to adhere to all steps in this algorithm, as long as the final ordering is consistent with that described by this algorithm.