2.10 IndirectPropertyName

The IndirectPropertyName packet represents the name of a stream or storage as used in the representation of the following property types in a non-simple property set: VT_STREAM (0x0042), VT_STORAGE (0x0043), VT_STREAMED_OBJECT (0x0044), VT_STORED_OBJECT (0x0044), and VT_VERSIONED_STREAM (0x0049). It MUST be represented as a CodePageString, and its value MUST be derived from the property identifier of the property represented according to the following Augmented Backus–Naur Form (ABNF) [RFC4234] syntax.

 Indirectproperty  =  "prop" propertyIdentifier

Where PropertyIdentifier is the decimal string representation of the property identifier. This property identifier MUST be a valid PropertyIdentifier value and MUST NOT be the property identifier for any of the special properties specified in section 2.18.