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Expand All Update Request Containing a Customizable Feed Property Mapping

Applies to the OData 2.0 and OData 3.0 protocols

In OData 2.0 and OData 3.0, it is possible to map the value of a property on an EntityType to another location in the feed. If the EntityType instance contained in an UpdateEntity, UpdateComplexType, or UpdatePrimitiveType Request has a property mapping defined on it and the Content-Type is AtomPub, then the request body MUST be formatted by using the EntityType formatting rules defined in Entity Type (as an Atom Entry Element) with a Customizable Feed Property Mapping (section

When sending an Update Request to an EntityType instance that has a customizable feed property mapping, the client MAY include the property value in an m:properties element as described in Entity Type (as an Atom Entry Element) (section If the property value is included in the m:properties element (as described in section, the data service MUST use that value when updating the EntityType instance.

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