NspiDNToMId (Opnum 7)

The NspiDNToMId method maps a set of DN to a set of MId.

 long NspiDNToMId(
   [in] NSPI_HANDLE hRpc,
   [in] DWORD Reserved,
   [in] StringsArray_r* pNames,
   [out] PropertyTagArray_r** ppOutMIds

hRpc:  An RPC context handle as specified in section 2.3.9.

Reserved: A DWORD value reserved for future use. Ignored by the server.

pNames: A StringsArray_r value. It holds a list of strings containing DNs, according to [MS-OXOABK].

ppOutMIds: A PropertyTagArray_r value. On return, it holds a list of MIds.

Return Values: The server returns a long value specifying the return status of the method.

Exceptions Thrown

No exceptions are thrown beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol, as specified in [MS-RPCE].

Server Processing Rules

Upon receiving this message, the server MUST process the data from the message subject to the following constraints:

  1. If the server returns any return value other than Success, the server MUST return the value NULL in the return parameter ppOutMIds.

  2. The server MAY make additional validations as described in Security (section 5). If the server chooses to limit the visibility of data based on these validations, the server MUST proceed as if that data did not exist in the address book. See the product behavior note cited in section 5.1 for more information.

  3. If the server is unable to locate an appropriate mapping between a DN and a MId, it MUST map the DN to a MId with the value 0.

  4. The server constructs a list of MIds to return to the client, encoding the mappings. The list is in a one-to-one order preserving correspondence with the list of DNs in the input parameter pNames. The server MUST return the list in the output parameter ppOutMIds.

  5. If no other return values have been specified by these constraints, the server MUST return the return value Success.