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Contains the time-zoned time as part of the device specification.





Holds the information about a device.

The value of this element is a time-zoned time of the format:


where hh:mm:ss represents the time value in hours (hh), minutes (mm) and seconds (ss) in the time zone specified by the time duration, of the either positive (+) or negative (-) direction, in hours (HH) and minutes (MM) with respect to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The following XML fragment shows how time zone is specified as part of device information.

XML Example of the timezone Element

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<device xmlns="" endpointId="3CC22CF7-1BEA-5A5E-B256-E662173CD273">
  <capabilities preferred="false" uri="">
    <text capture="true" render="true"publish="false" />
    <gifInk capture="false" render="true"publish="false" />
    <isfInk capture="false" render="true"publish="false" />