This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How Office Communicator Uses Enhanced Presence

Office Communicator uses enhanced presence – presentities, containers, categories, and category instances – in a specific fashion. In order to build applications that either interoperate with Office Communicator or co-exist without interfering with Office Communicator, it is important that you understand how Office Communicator uses Unified Communication enhanced presence features.

OC Presence: Presentities

Describes how Office Communicator users subscribe to presentities’ presence

OC Presence: Containers

Describes how Office Communicator users add subscribers to containers, which containers Office Communicator uses, and what level of access they provide

OC Presence: Categories

Explains which categories Office Communicator uses for enhanced presence and their category names

OC Presence: Category Instances

Provides details about the category instances that Office Communicator uses and explains how states are aggregated into an availability value