Custom Presentities
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Presence Scenarios: Custom Presentities

Applications can access the presentities that Office Communicator uses, but they can also have a service or application act as a presentity. The purpose of this is to provide a presence state for something other than an individual user. For example, if there were a set of users with a specific expertise, a custom application could subscribe to the presence data of each of the users and then combine them to publish presence data for the set as a whole. Then someone looking for that expertise could request communication with the presentity that represents the set, and the application could route the phone or message to the most available user in the set. (An alternative approach for this scenario is to use one person’s presentity to represent the set of users.) Another example is using an application or service to act as a presentity to publish the state of a space or device; a parking lot could have a presence of “Available” or “Full” and a conference room could have an availability of “Available” or “Booked”.

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