This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Presence Scenarios for Custom Applications

Now that we have discussed how Office Communicator uses the Unified Communications platform, we describe how to build applications to take advantage of the Unified Communications features. This section describes how to publish and subscribe presence in your own application. Applications can publish and subscribe to category instances that Office Communicator uses, and thereby interact with Office Communicator; they can publish and subscribe to category instances that Office Communicator does not use, thus operating independently of Office Communicator; or they can use a combination of both.

Presence Scenarios: Query and Subscription

Describes how applications receive enhanced presence data through query and subscription.

Presence Scenarios: Publication

Describes how applications submit enhanced presence data through publication.

Presence Scenarios: Custom Containers

Describes how applications can create and use containers to which Office Communicator does not publish.

Presence Scenarios: Custom State

Describes how applications can create custom states separate from what Office Communicator uses.

Presence Scenarios: Custom Presentities

Describes how applications can use custom presentities that are applications or services.

Presence Scenarios: Best Practices

Lists several best practices for building applications with Unified Communications enhanced presence.