IProviderConverterRegistration Interface

SQL Server 2008 R2

Registers and unregisters IProviderConverter objects that can convert custom providers to IKnowledgeSyncProvider.

interface IProviderConverterRegistration : IUnknown

IProviderConverterRegistration method Description


Registers an IProviderConverter implementation that can convert the specified type of custom provider to an IKnowledgeSyncProvider.


Unregisters a previously registered IProviderConverter implementation.

An implementation of IProviderConverter must be registered with Sync Framework by using IProviderConverterRegistration::RegisterProviderConverter. When an ISyncSession object is used to manage synchronization, and Sync Framework receives an ISyncProvider object that does not directly support IKnowledgeSyncProvider, Sync Framework examines the set of registered converters to find one that can convert the ISyncProvider to IKnowledgeSyncProvider.

An IProviderConverterRegistration object can be created by using IProviderSyncServices2::CreateProviderConverterRegistration.

Header: Synchronization.h